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About us (Chularat Aesthetic Center)

           Our management team and medical experts at Chularat Aesthetic Center strongly believe in our corporate and administrative strategies that gear towards constant improvement of medical services. To meet the needs of patients, we vow to enhance our capabilities in providing a full range of specialized medical treatments, especially for those life-threatening diseases such as strokes, heart diseases and cancers. It is also our prime commitment to deliver the highest safety standard and satisfaction to our valued customers as well as to take on social responsibilities. We hope all these commitments will result in sustainable development in our organization and society in a long run.

          Chularat Aesthetic Center at Chularat 9 Hospital aims to provide the most effective, reliable and safe aesthetic treatments to all patients.
-Our team of cosmetic surgery experts and surgeons are well-equipped and ready to give you consultations and services.
-Plastic surgery might not completely fix all of your concerns regarding your natural or facial features. Fortunately, there are reliable alternatives to plastic surgery such as medical synthetic substances which can effectively create better body shape and improve its function.
- We have proven expertise in both male and female cosmetic surgery.
- Our cosmetic surgery experts will provide a pre-operative consultation as well as pro-and-con discussion prior to each aesthetic treatment and procedures. Moreover, our CAC staff will give you a followup call for every two weeks. On a rare occasion when a surgery goes wrong, patient can come back for a correction without any extra expenses.
-Chularat Hospital is well-recognized by Thai and foreign patients. With Thai cosmetic surgeon’s refined techniques and expertise on par with international standard, Chularat Aesthetic Center has become synonymous with cosmetic surgery standards.

Our cosmetic surgeons and experts

Name of doctor นพ.บริพัตร วงศ์ประชุม
Specialty ศัลยศาสตร์ตกแต่ง
Name of doctor นพ.สมศักดิ์ ใช้ทรัพย์สถาพร
Specialty ศัลยศาสตร์ตกแต่ง
Name of doctor นพ.ธนยศ สูยะโพธ
Specialty ศัลยศาสตร์ตกแต่ง



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